Training as a meditation teacher with Culadasa

As many of you know, I’ve always been more than happy to answer your meditation-related questions by email or directly here, in the comment section. Teaching meditation is something I find enjoyable and beneficial for others and myself.

A few months ago, i read about an opportunity to apply for a teacher training course with Upasaka¬†Culadasa (the author of The Mind Illuminated, my main meditation manual). The requirements seemed high, and with practitioners applying from throughout the world, I honestly didn’t think I stood much of a chance. Nevertheless, I still applied (more information on the teacher training and selection process¬†here)

In December 2017, I received an email confirming my acceptance in Culadasa’s teacher training course. I am incredibly grateful to have this opportunity to study under the guidance of a meditation master. I have commited to a more serious daily meditation practice and to teaching meditation, both online and offline, using the techniques taught in The Mind Illuminated.

I will be meeting Culadasa and fellow teachers every two weeks for the next two years. I will also be studying The Mind Illuminated in-depth and other relevant material, such as the Suttas and commentaries.

If you’re interested in learning meditation or taking your existing meditation practice to the next level, find more information here : Private meditation Consultations.

May this be of benefit to everyone!

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