Private Meditation Consultations

I offer private meditation consultations to people who would like to learn meditation, or to existing practitioners who would are looking to take their meditation practice to the next level.

What qualifies me to teach meditation?

As mentioned in this post, I am currently undergoing a rigorous teacher training under the guidance of Culadasa, author of The Mind Illuminated.

I have therefore been authorized and strongly encouraged by Culadasa to teach meditation, both online and offline. In order to reach people from throughout the world, I’m now offering Private Meditation Consultations.

I practice meditation daily, generally for an hour or more, and I’ve done several Goenka Vipassana 10-day retreats and a longer 40-day meditation retreat at Pa Auk Tawya, in Burma. I have a 2-hour meeting with Culadasa every other week, and am studying The Mind Illuminated, Suttas and Commentaries to develop a solid understanding of mind training.

How do I teach meditation?

I see meditation as mind-training. I teach and practice meditation pragmatically, meaning that I am concerned with what actually works, regardless of which tradition or belief-system it comes from. I mainly teach using Culadasa’s Samatha-Vipassana (concentration + insight) method outlined in The Mind Illuminated because it is simple and the most effective and comprehensive method I’ve encountered. I also include techniques from other traditions when useful.

Why do I want to teach meditation?

My wish to teach meditation stems from the benefits I’ve personally received from it. Meditation is, by far, the single most important thing I’ve ever learned. I feel extremely fortunate to have stumbled on these kinds of practices early on (at the age of 14). My practice continues to satisfy a profound desire for truth in a way nothing else could. The mundane and “supramundane” insights provoked by meditation have brought me immense benefits. I can’t imagine going back to my old way of seeing the world.

I would be deeply honored to help you establish a meditation practice and get similar benefits. Whether you’re interested in “enlightenment” or stress-reduction, I would like to provide you the tools necessary to improve your life by training your mind.

On a more global level, I firmly believe that the only way to make a difference in this world is to change the people who make it up. I’ve seen the practice of meditation literally transform myself and others, and I want to help others discover and develop this wonderful practice.

What benefits can I expect?

Meditation is hands-down the most effective tool for self-transformation and improvement. By sticking to a regular meditation practice and following my instructions, you can expect to :

  • Become more grounded, peaceful and happy
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Improve your concentration
  • Increase your body awareness
  • Discover yourself intimately
  • Eradicate negative thought patterns
  • Cultivate insights into your own nature
  • Develop genuine compassion
  • Multiply your self-confidence

How does it work?

The Private meditation consultations will take place on Zoom or Skype, depending on what suits you best. Once you book a consultation, I’ll get in touch with you to find a suitable date and time for our meeting.