Meditation position

Meditation Positions – How to Sit for Meditation

By Gabriel Rocheleau / April 4, 2016

Readers have been asking me what meditation position they should adopt. However, the best way to learn how to sit for meditation is not by reading about it, so I recorded a video in which I demonstrate 4 basic meditation positions. Let me know what you think about this format. If you prefer, you can also read the content below.

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A Simple Visual Breathing Exercise

By Gabriel Rocheleau / January 26, 2016

Take a few minutes to relax the mind and body with this simple meditation exercise.

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Feeling Empty? Don’t Try Filling the Void

By Gabriel Rocheleau / July 24, 2015

Feeling empty? Great, this is a door to freedom.
In a world that encourages activity, emptiness is considered a waste.
Our habit of constantly filling up space makes us dependent. Since we can’t deal with lack of movement, we lower the bar for what we accept in our actions and thoughts. Everything becomes better than nothing. We readily accept mediocrity.
You can break out of this. Life exists outside of “doing stuff”.

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Stop distracting yourself

Stop distracting yourself

By Gabriel Rocheleau / July 16, 2015

Do you spend most of your free time distracting yourself? Texting while sitting on the toilet. Watching TV before you fall asleep and checking Facebook during the commercials. Talking constantly to break the anxiety of silence. Making plans while never getting anything done. Distractions are not fun anyway. They’re even tiring. So why do you…

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How to meditate effectively

How to Meditate Effectively: 5 Signs You’re Doing it Wrong

By Gabriel Rocheleau / June 17, 2015

Practicing meditation can enrich your life. But to get benefits, you have to do it right. You need to know how to meditate effectively.

You might have heard that there’s no such thing as “bad meditation”. I disagree. If you just sit down and ruminate negative thoughts for 20 minutes, you might as well not meditate at all.

Here are 5 sure signs that you’re not approaching meditation properly. Keep an eye out for them!

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Creative Thinking

How to Think Outside the Box: The Art of Creative Thinking

By Gabriel Rocheleau / June 9, 2015

Thinking outside the box is the ability to come up with new and unconventional ideas. Creative thinking is something we are born with, but learn to forget. Buried under structures and concepts, our inner creativity is imprisoned. Here’s how to let it loose.

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Pa Auk Tawya Monastery

40-Day Meditation Retreat at Pa-Auk Tawya, Burma

By Gabriel Rocheleau / September 17, 2014

I spent 40 days at Pa-Auk Tawya, a forest meditation center renowned for its very rigorous concentration practices.
I always wondered what the results would be if I pushed my concentration further…
and I certainly got what I was looking for.

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Second Vipassana Retreat

Second Time at a Goenka Vipassana Meditation Retreat

By Gabriel Rocheleau / August 3, 2013

My second time at a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

Tremendous life-changing new insights, as well as very interesting experiences.

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Sleep Paralysis attack

What Is Sleep Paralysis and How to Deal With It

By Gabriel Rocheleau / May 27, 2013

What if you woke up paralyzed? A dark and spine-chilling entity approaches your bed, looking straight in your eyes and smiling threateningly ; it knows you can’t move. It slowly climbs your bed, staring at you malevolently. It moves over your chest and you feel its extreme weight preventing you from breathing. You desperately try shouting for help, but no sound comes out of your mouth. Sounds like a nightmare? No. This is a documented medical condition known as sleep paralysis … and it’ll happen at least once to most people!

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How to Lucid Dream: Learn to Control your Dreams!

By Gabriel Rocheleau / April 12, 2013

What is a lucid dream? In a lucid dream, you are aware that you’re dreaming. This allows you to vividly experience and remember your dreams. But most importantly, you can control them. Although lucid dreams can occur spontaneously, lucid dreaming is a skill that can quickly be learned by anyone. Lucid dreams are similar to…

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